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This site has gone through some changes as of late, instead of putting one 1 picture about internet buzz sensation, I’ve decided to change this site to more local oriented news about economy in my local area of Michigan and report about the financial landscape of what actually impacts us to great degree each and everyday and that’s money.

I’ve spent much time on the internet looking up national level buzz stories that make people kill bit of time from work and other daily chores. but as of late my priorities has shifted into doing things productive with my life and going out there and becoming a successful entrepeneur and hopefully making the transition to becoming a real news reporter on the internet where I make valuable articles that get tons of shares and likes and eventually get to a point where my quality articles help people of Michigan and rest of the Nation to make smart decisions based on my research and everything I will be writing. I want to do something of service for people instead of letting people become less productive. Yes I will most likely lose tons of my core followers but I am okay with that. I am willing to cut those ties in favor of making new ones. Because I have felt the power of removing those resourcefulness habits from life and redirecting focus and energy into productive endeavors.

This is due to listening to great mentors like Grant Cardone and Jordan Belfort recently. I am always honing my skill and looking to become great & better version of myself each and everyday.

And I will get there one day or another, one article at a time. I know its a big shift from the buzzy internet MEME type of site I used to run before, although it was a lot of fun, I have to admit it was a huge a time waster for me and it was taking me no where in life. So I decided to step up my game and do whatever I can to become a top producer in life. Success is my duty now and I will engrave this attitude in my mind forever and ever.

While others are taking a day off and watching TV. I will work and hone my skills.


Stay tuned for True Business News articles.

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