Michigan’s Natural Resources Tell us about flourishing business?


When talk about what businesses will flourish in Michigan, people’s immediate attention goes to the automobile industries, the big 3 (Ford, Chrysler, GM) and it is true that there are many jobs that has to do with auto industries in Michigan from OEM makers to their parts suppliers. Michigan truly is full of all thing auto-industries.

However in regards to local businesses that can flourish in Michigan, people don’t quite know what really is good in Michigan, for example pool builders may not do so well because the winters are so long in Michigan.

Carpet Cleaners may do well just like they do quite well in most other states as most people do live with carpets. Surrounding Detroit there is the suburbs with many houses that is surrounded by big trees. These trees are pine and oak and some are native to the land and others are not. Where there are big houses in Michigan there are big trees.

Take for example Royal Oak, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Beverly Hills, these are areas where there is plenty of old but big houses and in those yards there are old & big trees.

What business can flourish in this type of environment where there are bountiful amount of trees?

Yes you might have guessed it, its Tree Service companies.

And they are all over Oakland and Macomb Counties of Michigan. Many tree service companies and competition is pretty tough between all of them.

Today we want to focus on one of the best Tree Service company in Macomb that recently took on Detroit’s big tree disease control project which requires saving hundreds of suspect diseased trees in Macomb company.

The company to do the job is Macomb Tree Service

This company has been around for 36 years and they are continually adding. The fact they have some expensive equipment such as crane for difficult tree branch removal says a lot about what kind of services they provide.

One thing people over look is that tree removal ranks #2 to world’s top most dangerous jobs. Right next to crab fishing ranking #1.

This is a dangerous profession and it requires people to have great skill and expertise to do the job not only correctly but safely. Some branch removal include the dangerous task of getting big branches out of the way that’s hanging over the bridge. A mistake can cause the branch to fall into the house cause untold damage in repair bills or worse.

Many tree climbers lose their lives each year and this is something that is not often looked at because it doesn’t wipe out at such high percentage as crab fishing when the boat over turns and all the fishermen hit the freezing salt water and die within seconds. With tree climbers the occurrence of death happens more sporadically and generally looked at as a freak accident yet the total of death per year easily quadruples the crab fishermen.

Michigan’s suburbs still contain much old land with old trees, this gives rise for the necessity of tree servicemen with great skill. We are not simply talking about small branch removal here when the trees get big we’re talking about removing big trunks suspended many feet high in the air and then necessity for serious equipment such as the crane arise, which not all companies have access too.

When you need Tree service make sure you find one that has at least 10 years experience but more is better. For now you can definitely try out the guys in Macomb. They’ve been doing this work for 36 years with some of the most expensive equipment that can be found in Oakland and Macomb.


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