Forecast for Michigan Economy, Change is Gonna Come

Michigan’s economy is beginning to boom what does this mean for local businesses? Well certainly buyer confidence is rising, and buyers are regaining their long lost activity since the collapse in 2007. We are beginning to see more home buyers and more new businesses open up in Michigan which is good news for local businesses and home owners.

For example home value has increased 20% from 2014 according to various news sources. Despite the media of negative news about police brutality and immigrant discrimination, people are making more money than they were 3 to 4 years ago and things are looking brighter for Detroit.

It’s been long time coming for the people of Michigan. Who stuck through the long hard cold winters and persevered till the end. I for one will cherish the moments of struggle as it reminds us to be grateful of the now and the brighter days ahead.

I like looking out my window each day and people working, I like walking into a mall and there is commerce happening, people hustling from morning till night. That tells me there is still dreamers out there, that there is still hope out there in the world.

In grateful moments like these I like to listen to some classic old music like this.

It’s Been a Long Time Coming

But I know Change Gonna Come,

Yes It Will

Let’s all live each and everyday from here on out with a hopeful spirit, with glee and lets get awake. really awake, lets get excited about life once again. The glee for life again, when you smile for no reason at all. Let’s all get excited about life again yall.

We are human beings and we are powerful being, we are sentient, ephemeral in flesh but eternal in spirit.

Let’s take 2015 and make the biggest changes in our life today, let’s go kick butt and take names.

To be at the forefront of this economic wave, one must ride on top and keep going till you are forced to quit.

When everyone is taking a rest and celebrating, you double down and hustle harder.

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