Local Business in Michigan Seeing a Rise in Revenue in 2015

2015 seems like its going to turn out great for many local businesses in Michigan. The economy is starting to pick up and everyone is starting looking on the up and up these days.

The Lions have been playing well. The automotive industry of Michigan is also picking up. Obama saved some of the companies from completely going bankrupt and some are even talking of Detroit returning back to its former glory days of booming economy, sold out restaurants, packed casino floors & more.

The winder in Michigan wasn’t too bad either, things are starting to boom in this state and everyone can feel it in the air. Particularly the entertainment business and industry is starting to see sharp rise in income this year, so I have been told by various sources.


Michigan is like a phoenix that is starting to rise from the ashes, and burn brighter and more glorious than ever before. With the rise in economy and lowered taxes, buyers are starting to gain more confidence in investments. Property values are going up and more new businesses are beginning to spring into action.

Take for instance a new limo manufacturer company of Michigan, recently made headway by announcing that they will be launching 2015 Corvette Limo For Sale and its creating a small buzz of already interested buyers from Metro Detroit Area as well as out of state.

A brief interview was done with the owner of the limousine manufacturer and found that he reported the same thing, back in 2008 when Economy was at a down turn, their company struggled and people did not have enough investment confidence and power. They were not able to sell their vehicles for almost 3-4 years, certainly not a high-end vehicle like the Corvette limousine.

So the company kept its project under wraps for a while, and went back to limo rental business. Now with economy beginning to pick up, the owner says that he is seeing multiple people people per week that is interested in buying limos from him.

I guess that is a good sign of where the Michigan economy is headed for all of us. When you have enough to spend money on a limo you know that person is doing pretty well financially.

It is going to take a while till we see Detroit back to its former glory, and perhaps it’s not meant to return but other metro-detroit area is suppose to begin booming?

We know that property of homes in places like Ann Arbor, MI never went down during the crisis. And places like Novi and West Bloomfield continue to see rising population and increase of property value.


Even though this is a news report, we want to say that its best not to watch the general News on TV because you will get an image of Michigan that is very negative, a state ridden with crime and poverty, and bone chilling weather. However the true Michigan is not seen until you come here and live for few years.


Grand Rapids for example is one of those places where economy is always doing well. It is a place of unique charm as it is home to one of Nation’s biggest brewery hot spots. Yes I have personally tasted the local beers of Grand Rapids and it is fantastic.

Without getting into the details of beers, there is many local businesses there as well that have thrived even during the recession. Because when there is quality service there will always be buyers that pay with monetary means or in some other form of exchange in which there is compensation.

Grand Rapids is home to some fantastic restaurants, local pubs, with these night attractions also come with many limousines and taxi service companies in the area, that leave people of West Michigan many options to choose from.

There is very great Banquet Halls and Theaters where people can do great Weddings as well as big name concerts are held there. Some big names have played in those halls including Slipknot, Usher and recently big name EDM DJ’s that have the world’s attention… you name it.


We live in exciting times currently in the state of Michigan. You can feel the electricity in the air. There is a glint in people’s eye which shows that people are beginning to have hope. They are going out there in the market and taking chances again and succeeding. Succeed breeds more success.

There is a snowball effect happening currently with the small business owners, where they are investing their money to come up with new, better, innovative products for all of us. And the customers are responding with increased spending.

Many seeds are being planted, and by the time summer hits those seeds will begin to sprout. By 2016 summer those sprouts will turn to nice trees to provide shade for all of us.

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